Helios is expanding!

Part of our efforts to expand the ecosystem are directed towards arbitrage and omnichain! Soon, Helios will be available on multiple blockchains with the ability to interact with HLX in new ways. Janus is our "proof of concept" that will show us how this might look in real time!


Before we complete our expansion of HLX to omnichain, we have chosen to build on pulsechain. The primary reason being that HLX is already on pulsechain via the official pulsechain bridge. We also have friends building on pulsechain, and want to join in the fun!


Janus is paired with multiple tokens in as many LP's as possible. This will create arbitrage opportunities between the pairs as tokens go up and down in value. When a buy/sell is initiated to take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity, the user pays a tax. The tax captures value, and used to add value to JNS and HLX.

Buy/Sell Tax

All buys / sells incur a transaction tax of 3%, and are distributed as follows:

  • 1% Burn - Burning tokens reduce the supply of JNS, adding value to existing tokens.

  • 1% LP - Adds to existing LP's to allow for higher trading volume

  • 0.7% Helios DAO - Used in any way the community decides best for the ecosystem. Possible options include: burn HLX, pay stakers, or add to our treasury.

  • 0.3% Team - Developers need to keep the lights on to continue developing.

There is no tax on wallet transfers.

JNS Minting

The only way to create JNS is by burning HLX + protocol fee. 1 JNS mint cost will always be 1 HLX. The protocol fee is in PLS, and can vary decided by DAO. Distributed as follows:

  • 70% Helios DAO

  • 30% Team

Example minting scenario: protocol fee = 0.1 PLS

  1. Burn 420 HLX

  2. Pay 42 PLS (420 HLX * 0.1 PLS fee)

  3. Receive 420 JNS

Why Mint JNS?

If JNS is trading at a higher price than HLX, than there is an arbitrage opportunity.


JNS is valued at $1.50 and HLX is valued at $1.00

A user could buy 100 HLX on market for $100. Mint 100 JNS + $10 fee. Sell 100 JNS for $150. Ending with $100 plus $40 profit.

JNS supply

Initial Supply: 420B JNS - one time mint used for initial LP's

Max Supply: unlimited - keep in mind that as HLX becomes more scarce, JNS will become harder to mint

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