Virtual Mining

Helios is virtually mined by interacting with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. You can use our website to access them. Here are the steps to mine Helios (HLX):

  • Configure the miner settings to your liking. (time, power level, bonus amplifiers)

  • Deposit TITANX equal to the miner cost and wait the predetermined time that you set.

  • Once that time has been reached, your miner is available to be claimed with newly minted HLX tokens.

Helios is virtually mined the same way TITANX is mined with 2 key differences:

  1. Instead of ETH getting deposited, you use TITANX

  2. You can burn TITANX for a bonus amplifier

Miner options:

  • Number of days: 1 - 250 (This is the number of days it will take the miner to complete)

  • Power level: 1% - 100,000% (This is the percent cost and percent reward for a miner.)

    • Example: setting this to 20 will make the miner cost 20% of current miner cost, but will also only reward you with 20% of the rewards)

    • Example: setting this to 500 will make the miner cost 500% of current miner cost, but will also reward you with 500% of the rewards)

  • Bonus Amplifiers - see details here

The HLX mining rewards formula:

  • ("Number Of Days" * ("Current HLX Minable" * ("Power Level" / 100))) = "HLX Mined"

*Current HLX Minable = the amount of HLX per day you can get, this goes down every day

​The HLX mining cost formula:

  • ("Current Miner Cost" * "Power Level") = "Cost to Start Miner"

*"Current Miner Cost" = the cost per 100 power level miner, this goes up every day

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