Buy and Burn

The Buy & Burn contract is an integral part of the Helios Ecosystem, as it will perpetually add buy pressure to the market and decrease the HLX supply. TITANX used to create virtual miners, Treasury rewards, and Investment Pool rewards are allocated to the Helios Buy & Burn smart contract. This contract is accessible to any builder developing in the TitanX ecosystem. It is capable of receiving ETH and TITANX tokens, and will buy HLX to burn them at a set rate. This approach simplifies the process as there's no need to develop a separate buy & burn smart contract.

User Incentives to call Buy and Burn Function:

  • A 0.3% reward is given for calling the BuyAndBurn function. This function acquires Helios from the market using the Uniswap v3 TITANX/HLX pair and then burns the purchased Helios.

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