When you initiate a stake in Helios, you select an end date for your stake. It's advisable to end your stake on the chosen date. If you are unable to end your stake on the exact date, a 7-day grace period is provided during which you can end your stake without incurring any penalties.

Please note that stakes in Helios cannot be terminated before reaching 50% of their maturity period.

Penalty for Ending Stake After 50% Maturity

  • If you end your stake after it has reached 50% of its maturity but before the selected end date, you will incur a penalty.

  • 50% of the HLX staked will be lost and sent to a dead address (effectively burned).

  • You will receive back 50% of the HLX you staked.

Penalty for Overstaying End Date

  • If your stake is not ended within 1 week (7 days) following your selected end date (the grace period), you will start incurring a penalty.

  • This penalty amounts to a loss of 1% of your staked HLX per day.

  • If the stake remains unclaimed for over 100 days past the end date, you will lose 99% of the staked HLX by the end of the stake.

These penalty mechanisms are designed to encourage timely management of stakes in the Helios protocol and ensure the stability and health of the ecosystem.

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