Helios Mining Bonuses

hRank Bonuses - The one we all know and love!

When you create a miner, you get assigned a hRank (Helios Rank) on that miner. The hRank determines where you start earning rewards from. As people start miners after you, they give your miner extra HLX. The hRank Bonus starts at 1,000 HLX extra per 100 power level miner that starts after you. (10 HLX per 1 power after you) Bonus formula looks like this:

  • (currentMiningPowerIncreaseBonus * (miningPower) / 100) * (globalMiningPower - minerStartGlobalMiningPower)

*currentMiningPowerIncreaseBonus = the current hRank Bonus, this goes down every day for new miners, once you start a miner, your hRank bonus gets locked in for the duration of that miner

*miningPower = the power you specified during your miner creation

*globalMiningPower = the global miner power when you claim your miner

*minerStartGlobalMiningPower = the global miner power when you start your miner

Early Adoption Amplifier

This bonus starts at 10% and works its way down to 0% linearly over 69 days ​

Mining Burn Bonus Amplifier

Burn up to 10% TITANX of the mining cost for up to 10% extra HLX. This is an additional cost on top of the mining cost. Formula looks like this:

  • ("Amount TITANX Burned" / "Miner Cost") = "Percent Bonus HLX Mined"

  • Example: Miner cost is 1,000,000 TITANX. Burn additional 80,000 TITANX for 8% more HLX.

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