Investment Pool


Our investment pool aims to strengthen the Helios and TitanX ecosystems by diversifying treasury funds into various tokens within or out of the TitanX ecosystem, as decided by governance votes. This diversification strategy enhances stability and introduces new avenues for value creation.

Increased value attracts more stakers, who in turn stimulate demand for HLX. This heightened demand for HLX encourages more mining activity, which continuously feeds the treasury. This creates a sustainable and self-reinforcing cycle that perpetually drives both Helios and TitanX ecosystems.

At launch, the pool will only accumulate ETH in a multi-signature wallet. The wallet will be controlled by the founder, Dude, until governance votes on committee members to distribute keys to. After the committee is formed, investment strategies will be voted on by HLX holders. At that point, a new custom treasury smart contract will be created to interact with the chosen yield bearing token and funded with ETH. Then those rewards are automatically sent to the Cycle Reward Pool, Buy/Burn HLX, and Buy/Burn TITANX. The principle balance of V2 Treasuries will only grow larger as ETH flows into them and never leaves.

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