When you stake your HLX, you receive shares at a rate of 420 HLX per share. You can earn additional shares with the following bonuses:

  • Duration Amplifier: Longer stakes earn more shares, up to +200% at day 830.

  • Burn Amplifier: Burn up to %20 of your stake amount in TITANX to earn 20% more shares

    • example: 1 HLX = 1 TITANX. Stake 1,000 HLX and burn 140 TITANX to earn 14% more shares

Your share percentage determines your payout portion. For example, owning 1% of all shares entitles you to 1% of all payouts to HLX stakers during your staking period.

Minimum and Maximum Staking Duration

  • Minimum stake length: 30 days

  • Maximum stake length: 830 days

DAO approved protocol staking

Staking HLX is forever open to all users with no restrictions. To protect the staking pool from possible bad actors, we have implemented a restriction on all smart contracts preventing them from staking HLX. If another protocol wants to stake HLX, then they must be whitelisted by the DAO. After the DAO has voted to approve a protocol, it will get whitelisted, and can then start staking their HLX.

Stake HLX with confidence knowing you, as a HLX staker, have voting rights to protect your stake.

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