Cycle Reward Pool

Payouts to HLX Stakers

As an HLX staker, you are rewarded with TITANX and ETH during each "payout cycle" based on your proportionate share in the total share pool.

Rolling Payout Cycles

  • Every 22 Days: Day 22, 44, 66, 88, 110, and so forth

  • Every 69 Days: Day 69, 138, 207, 276, 345, and so forth

  • Every 420 Days: Day 420, 840, 1260, 1680, 2100, and so forth

These cycles will continue indefinitely, providing rewards to stakers in the Helios protocol.

Cycle Reward Pool Growth

TITANX from miners and ETH from the Treasury are distributed to the Cycle Reward Pools as described below:

  • 35% to the 22 day cycle

  • 30% to the 69 day cycle

  • 35% to the 420 day cycle

Additional payouts to HLX stakers

After voted on by HLX hodlers, the Investment Pool will acquire other yield bearing tokens for the Helios ecosystem. A portion of the yield from that will go to the Cycle Reward Pool as well. Which token will be added to the V2 treasury first???

User Incentive to call Pool Payout Distribution Function:

Users earn a 0.3% TITANX incentive from the 'Distribute TITANX & ETH' pool for triggering the smart contract function. This function distributes all TITANX & ETH to each share holder.

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