📅Helios Daily Update

As each new day begins in the Helios contract, several key variables are updated to reflect changes in the mining/staking process of HLX. These updates ensure that it progressively becomes harder and more expensive to mine HLX as time goes on.

Start & End Values in the Helios Protocol

The daily update will continue to adjust values until certain minimum and maximum limits are reached over a period of years:

  • TITANX Cost per 100 Power Level Miner

    • Start: 420,000,000 TITANX

    • Daily update: +0.1%

    • Cap: 2,000,000,000 TITANX

  • HLX Mineable per Day of Mining

    • Start: 4,200,000 HLX

    • Daily update: -0.35%

    • Floor: 420 HLX

  • hRank Bonus Amount per 100 Power Level Miner

    • Start: 1,000 HLX

    • Daily update: -0.35%

    • Floor: 0.1 HLX

  • Share Rate

    • 420 HLX

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